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FORWARD LA: Race, Arts, and Inclusive Placemaking after the 1992 Civil Unrest

April 27-28, 2017

Radisson Hotel
3540 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA  90007

Registration $100
Complimentary for USC students and faculty

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Our conference, Race, Arts, and Inclusive Placemaking after the 1992 Civil Unrest, takes stock at the 25th anniversary of the 1992 LA Civil Unrest, a seminal moment which sparked a national discussion about the conflicts in our cities. Since then, Los Angeles has been rebuilding itself in important ways that are timely to add to the nation’s current discussion about racial injustice, freedom, and opportunity in the city.

We bring together academics, activists, community members, and artists to share rich data-driven stories of neighborhood change, of catalytic alliances between social movement organizations, and the role that arts and culture have played in transforming LA’s built environment and inter-cultural understanding. We also grapple with the new permutations of persistent urban challenges such as development without displacement, police-community trust, and building relationships between generations of movements, organizations, and communities.

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