The USC Price Center for Social Innovation develops ideas and illuminates strategies to improve the quality of life for people in low-income, urban communities.


NDSC: New Data Initiative

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation and USC Safe Communities Institute joined forces to help redefine public safety and criminal justice by collecting and disseminating new neighborhood-level criminal justice data for select communities across Los Angeles County.

READ: New Op-ed on Fixing the Housing Market

Price Center Director Gary Painter publishes new op-ed on public and private sector innovations needed to fix the region’s housing market.

New Case Study on Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing

Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing refers to aging residential units that are currently affordable due to age or other factors. NOAH can be renovated and upgraded to generate affordable housing through a process that is both quicker and cheaper than constructing new housing units. The Price Center recently produced a case study that highlights a particular development, while also making the case for a broader portfolio of NOAH investments to meet affordable housing needs across Los Angeles County.


Report: To Become Affordable, LA Needs to Build Duplexes—Not Just Tall Towers

USC Offers Regional Groups More Resources to Explore Data Stories

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Tue, February 18 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Social Innovation Speaker Series: A Conversation with Marina Kim

Wed, February 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

NDSC Community Training

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Our Research

Pathways to Opportunity

Developing successful cradle to career pathways for families and children in low-income urban communities, including: access to education and jobs, healthy and safe communities, transportation, and affordable housing.

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New Models to Deliver Social Impact

Identifying new organizational forms, financing models, public-private collaborations, and technologies that can improve social outcomes across an array of policy areas.

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Evaluation Frameworks

Developing new methods for evaluating social innovation models, that account for risk and allow for successes and failures to be evaluated in trusted frameworks.

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Special Initiatives

The Price Center for Social Innovation engages in a number of long-term initiatives that advance our work in social innovation. Initiatives include: the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, and the Homelessness Policy Research Institute.

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The Price Center for Social Innovation is proud to offer unique educational programs in social innovation, including: a graduate certificate in social innovation, a new executive education program for practitioners working in social impact organizations, and a wide range of student programs that provide hands-on learning opportunities outside the classroom.

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