The USC Price Center for Social Innovation develops ideas and illuminates strategies to improve the quality of life for people in low-income, urban communities.


2018 Social Innovation Summit: Innovations In Urban Housing

Registration is now open for the Price Center’s 2018 Social Innovation Summit. RSVP today!

Gay Painter, coauthor previews new book on social impact of ‘pay-for-success’ initiatives

“Pay for success” has emerged in recent years as an innovative way for governments to fund social-service programs without having to provide up-front funding or compensation for services that don’t achieve the desired outcomes

Should banks support positive social outcomes? Beneficial State Bank CEO Kat Taylor shares lessons

Calling banks the original and most powerful form of crowdfunding, Kat Taylor contended that 95 percent of the assets under control of the biggest banks do not support positive societal outcomes.

Opportunity Youth in the City of Los Angeles

Opportunity youth in Los Angeles are disproportionately Black and Hispanic youth. These two groups account for almost 80 percent of all opportunity youth in the City of Los Angeles. The job cluster analysis shows that entry-level jobs and low wage jobs are concentrated in the neighborhoods in and around LAX Airport, Downtown, West L.A. and Hollywood.

How Much do L.A. Workers Earn?

For most Los Angeles workers, the wages they earn each month go directly toward making ends meet –  paying their rent on time, putting food on the table and keeping up with monthly bills. But, are the wages workers earn enough?

Price Center launches new executive education program in social innovation

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation has launched a new executive education program – the Southern California Symposium – that will challenge local leaders to think deeply and collaboratively about the region’s future to develop long-term solutions for complex social problems.

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation Launches The Neighborhood Data for Social Change Platform!

The Neighborhood Data for Social Change (NDSC) platform will provide LA County stakeholders the numbers needed to advocate for a better quality of life within their communities.


Should banks support positive social outcomes? Beneficial State Bank CEO Kat Taylor shares lessons

Hidden cost of housing: How a shortage of construction workers is making our crisis worse

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Our Research

Pathways to Opportunity

Developing successful cradle to career pathways for families and children in low-income urban communities, including: access to education and jobs, healthy and safe communities, transportation, and affordable housing.

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New Models to Deliver Social Impact

Identifying new organizational forms, financing models, public-private collaborations, and technologies that can improve social outcomes across an array of policy areas.

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Evaluation Frameworks

Developing new methods for evaluating social innovation models, that account for risk and allow for successes and failures to be evaluated in trusted frameworks.

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Special Initiatives

The Price Center for Social Innovation engages in a number of long-term initiatives that advance our work in social innovation. Initiatives include: the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform, the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, and the Homelessness Policy Research Institute.

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The Price Center for Social Innovation is proud to offer unique educational programs in social innovation, including: a graduate certificate in social innovation, a new executive education program for practitioners working in social impact organizations, and a wide range of student programs that provide hands-on learning opportunities outside the classroom.

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