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Rising Rent Burden in Los Angeles


While Southern California homeownership once symbolized the achievement of the California Dream, Los Angeles now has one of the most populated rental markets in the country. With 60% of Angelenos occupying the rental market, the city joins New York, Miami, and San Fransisco as major cities with the highest rates of renters.

Environment and Health in Irwindale


Pollution and other environmental hazards damage not only our natural surroundings and climate, but can also negatively impact health outcomes and economic productivity.  A report by the Liberty Hill Foundation estimated that in California alone, air pollution causes 19,000 premature deaths, 280,000 cases of asthma symptoms, and more than 1 million respiratory-related school absences annually.

Demographic Change from Lakewood to Downtown L.A.


The ever-evolving demographics of Los Angeles County have been well documented by scholars, historians, ethnographers, and of course, the media. Los Angeles is one of the most diverse regions in the country, with approximately 185 languages spoken across Little Tokyo, Boyle Heights, Little Armenia, Koreatown, Pico Union, and all the other pockets of ethnic concentrations across the metro area.

Curating Data to Spark Community Engagement in Los Angeles


Published in partnership with the USC Price Center for Social Innovation in support of the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform (NDSC): The platform is a free, publicly available online data resource that provides reliable, aggregated data at the city, neighborhood, and census tract level. The mission of the USC Price Center for Social Innovation is to develop ideas and illuminate strategies to improve the quality of life for people in low-income urban communities.