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NDSC Data Story: Health & Wellness in Magnolia Place

What would it take to have the 20,000 children living in the neighborhoods within the 5-square mile Magnolia place break all records of success in their education, health, and the quality of nurturing care and the economic stability they receive from their families and community? This question guides the work of the Magnolia Community Initiative (MCI), a network of the county and city departments, community businesses and nonprofits, and resident leaders working to strengthen social connectedness and access to resources in Magnolia place.

November-December 2018 Newsletter

Top news and stories, including the latest Research and NDSC Data Story from the Price Center for Social Innovation in November-December 2018.

NDSC Data Story: Wages & Cost of Living for Los Angeles Workers

The affordable housing crisis has been a central focus of policies and elections in recent years in Los Angeles County and across the state of California. Half of California’s households struggle to afford a roof over their head, and homeownership in the state – once a pillar of the American dream, and a primary form of wealth-creation— is at its lowest rate since the 1940s. In Los Angeles County, 31% of renters are severely cost burdened, meaning that over half of their income goes to rent each month.