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NDSC Data Story: Everyone In: Combating Rising Homelessness in Los Angeles County

In 2018, Los Angeles County saw its first decrease in homelessness in almost 5 years, only to see it rise again in 2019 to nearly 59,000 people, representing a 12% increase over the past year. Consistent with previous years, 75% of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County are unsheltered, meaning they are living on the streets, in vehicles, in abandoned buildings, and in other places not suitable for human habitation. Los Angeles County has one of the highest rates of unsheltered homelessness in the entire country.  Despite instances of vocal community resistance to temporary shelters and PSH development in neighborhoods, many Angelenos are also stepping up to express their support for their neighbors experiencing homelessness.

August 2019 Newsletter

Top news and stories, including the latest Research from the Price Center for Social Innovation in August 2019.

NDSC Data Story: Every Angeleno Counts: The 2020 Census in Los Angeles

Every ten years, the federal government conducts a “census,” where it counts every person living in the United States. The constitution mandates that all people — including children and adults, the employed and unemployed, immigrants, renters and homeowners — must be counted. In March of 2020, households throughout Los Angeles County will receive a mailing with instructions on how to complete their census form online, by phone or by mail. The form will ask ten simple questions around things like race, age, marital status and household size. Despite the fact that the Census usually takes a household just ten minutes to complete each decade, it is one of the most important parts of a representative democracy.