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Podcast: Christine Beckman on Living, Working and Parenting in the Digital Age

Professor and Price Family Chair Christine Beckman joined the Work and Life Podcast with Stew Friedman, professor at Wharton Business School to talk about her new book called “Dreams of the Overworked: Living, Working, and Parenting in the Digital Age.” They also discussed the pluses and minuses of technology for working families, especially during these pandemic times, when so many are working from home for the first time and when parents are attempting to manage remote school work for their children. They spoke about the ills and potential benefits of social media and strategies for harnessing technology as a force for good. Professors Beckman and Friedman addressed the ways both social policy and individual initiative can strengthen the social support, or scaffolding, working families need now more than ever.

What America Asks of Working Parents Is Impossible

The Atlantic

More and more, the goals of being a dedicated employee and being a dedicated parent seem to be in conflict. Professor Christine Beckman, Associate Director at the Price Center, Price Family Chair in Social Innovation, and Professor of Public Policy, with co-author Melissa Mazmanian, recently published a book that notes how the obsessive culture surrounding technology adds a lot of stress to work & family life. Joe Pinsker writes about it in the Atlantic.