Harry Holzer

Harry J. Holzer is a Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University and an Institute Fellow at the American Institute for Research in Washington DC. He is a former Chief Economist for the U.S. Department of Labor and a former Professor of Economics at Michigan State University. He received his A.B. from Harvard in 1978 and his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard in 1983. He is also a Senior Affiliate of the National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan, a Research Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an Affiliated Scholar with the Urban Institute, a Penn Institute for Urban Research Scholar, and a member of the editorial board at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Economic Mobility Corporation and the National Skills Coalition. Holzer has authored or edited 11 books and several dozen journal articles, mostly on disadvantaged American workers and their employers, as well as on education and workforce issues and labor market policy.