Executive Education

“Even the most innovative social actors operate within silos and make plans for the short-term. The Southern California Symposium, an executive education program in social innovation, breaks through those limitations. We bring together unlikely combinations of committed individuals to contemplate long-term solutions to long-term challenges.” – Roberto Suro, Director of the Southern California Symposium

 About the Southern California Symposium

The Southern California Symposium, the Price Center for Social Innovation’s executive education program, is an exceptional opportunity for learning, collaboration and professional growth over a short time frame. A concentrated and intense experience that will not wreak havoc on your calendar, the Symposium starts the third week of March and is finished by the first week of May. The time in between will prove unforgettable.

2019 Symposium

2019 Southern California Symposium featured 20 speakers over four weeks. The 18 participants learned about the process of social innovation, as well as a variety of social innovation models, such as new organizational forms and new models of financing social change.

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2018 Symposium

The inaugural 2018 Symposium convened 25 leaders from a variety of sectors, including public service, politics, business, the arts, philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. Students participated over four weekend sessions, learning a variety of social innovation approaches to public problem solving, such as social movements, social enterprise, and collective social impact.

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