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    Homelessness and the Criminal Justice System

    Homelessness Policy Research Institute

    Year: 2020

    Homelessness and interaction with the criminal justice system are intimately connected. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s (LAHSA) 2019 Adult Demographic Survey, 64% of adults experiencing homelessness who are unsheltered in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care (LA CoC) have at some point been involved with the criminal justice system including jail, prison, adult and juvenile probation, parole, and juvenile detention (LAHSA, 2019). Research suggests that formerly incarcerated individuals are more likely to experience homelessness than those who have not been incarcerated.

    This literature review will synthesize the findings of researchers and practitioners on how homelessness relates to criminal justice system involvement and vice versa, and will highlight best practices for reducing recidivism among people experiencing homelessness.

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