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As part of our commitment to advancing social innovation in both theory and practice, the Price Center develops a wide range of content exploring new ideas, models, and innovative approaches to addressing society’s most intractable social problems.

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Should banks support positive social outcomes? Beneficial State Bank CEO Kat Taylor shares lessons

Calling banks the original and most powerful form of crowdfunding, Kat Taylor contended that 95 percent of the assets under control of the biggest banks do not support positive societal outcomes.

Gary Painter, coauthor, previews new book on social impact of ‘pay-for-success’ initiatives

“Pay for success” has emerged in recent years as an innovative way for governments to fund social-service programs without having to provide up-front funding or compensation for services that don’t achieve the desired outcomes.

How Much do L.A. Workers Earn?

For most Los Angeles workers, the wages they earn each month go directly toward making ends meet –  paying their rent on time, putting food on the table and keeping up with monthly bills. But, are the wages workers earn enough?

Price CSI launches data platform to help communities promote better quality of life

The USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation (CSI) launched its Neighborhood Data for Social Change(NDSC) platform, a free, publicly available online resource.

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation Launches The Neighborhood Data for Social Change Platform!

The Neighborhood Data for Social Change (NDSC) platform will provide LA County stakeholders the numbers needed to advocate for a better quality of life within their communities.

Price Center hosts event on LA County’s new pay for success strategy to expand Just in Reach pilot

To explore how the county is addressing the homelessness crisis, the USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation hosted a discussion on the region’s new “pay-for-success” strategy that greatly expands L.A. County’s Just in Reach program, which aims to reduce jail recidivism as well as homelessness.

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