2020 Social Innovation Summit: Session 1

October 9, 2020

During Session 1 of the Social Innovation Summit on October 9, scholars from around the world presented their current research on various topics related to Social Innovation. Panel 1 focused on Governance and Innovation, and Panel 2 covered Community and Co-Design.

Session 1 Agenda:

Welcome and Overview

  • Dr. Christine M. Beckman
    Price Center Associate Director, Price Family Chair in Social Innovation, and Professor of Public Policy

Governance and Innovation

  • Dr. Meghan Elizabeth Kallman
    “The Hidden Developmental State, Intellectual Movements, and Clean Tech Innovation”
  • Dr. Ivan Montiel
    “Breaking with Tradition: Open Innovation as an Enabler for Responsible Innovation”
  • Dr. Saheli Nath
    “Finding Strength in Differences: An Investigation of Regional Variations in Responsible Investing Practices”
  • Dr. Marc Ventresca
    Discussant, Oxford University

Community and Co-Design


Watch the event here:

Panel 1 – Governance and Innovation

Panel 2 – Community and Co-Design

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