2020 Social Innovation Summit: Session 2

During Session 2 of the Social Innovation Summit on October 23, scholars from around the world presented their current research on various topics related to Social Innovation. Panel 3 focused on Social Movements, and Panel 4 covered Social Enterprise.

Session 2 Agenda:

Welcome and Overview

  • Dr. Gary Painter
    Price Center Director, Homelessness Policy Research Institute Director, and Professor of Public Policy

Social Movements

Social Enterprise

  • Dr. Sunasir Dutta
    “Seeing Parochially And Acting Locally: Social Exposure, Problem Identification And Social Entrepreneurship”
  • Dr. Marya L. Besharov
    “Organizational Hybridity, Social Enterprise, and Social Innovation: Disentangling Concepts to Advance Theory and Practice”
  • Dr. Maria Ballesteros-Sola
    “Understanding Hybrid Organizations’ Responses To Conflicting Institutional Logics: The Case Of Nonprofits’ Earned Income Strategies”
  • Dr. Jill Kickul
    Discussant, University of Southern California


Watch the event here:

Panel 3 – Social Movements

Panel 4 – Social Enterprise

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