Designing Data Platforms for Action & Influence: Lessons Learned from a Case Study of Five Data Platforms

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation, in partnership with the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, hosted a virtual webinar outlining findings from their research titled “Designing Data Platforms For Action & Influence: Lessons Learned from a Case Study of Five Data Platforms.” The project was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and aimed to understand the most successful ways to communicate complex data about the social determinants of health. Researchers examined five data platforms, documenting and identifying successful engagement strategies used to drive action toward health equity. The platforms examined for this case study included the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, University of Chicago COVID Atlas, City Health Dashboard, Neighborhood Data for Social Change, and the Opportunity Atlas.

The presentation identified best practices and features that enable data platforms to inform policy and practice and catalyze action towards health equity. The program featured opening remarks by Oktawia P. Wójcik, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, followed by a research presentation, and concluded with an audience question and answer.

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