Social Innovation Speaker Series: Fred Silva

Topic: Opportunity for Community Reinvestment

DescriptionOver the last several years the state has expressed a reluctance to invest resources into local economic growth and community improvement. The primary evidence is the repeal of the local redevelopment process. Instead, they have provided a variety of tools that allow communities to capture a portion of economic growth for investment in the revitalization of their communities. This discussion will focus on these tools and their use in California communities

Bio: Fred Silva is California Forward’s senior fiscal policy advisor. Having spent 49 years in the development of public policy in state and local government, Fred is an expert in state and local finance, government operations, and the history of the state and local fiscal relationship in California. Prior to working with California Forward, Fred worked in a variety of capacities including senior advisor on governmental relations for the Public Policy Institute of California, executive secretary to the California Constitution Revision Commission, chief fiscal advisor to the President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, chief consultant to the Senate Local Government Committee and special projects lead for the Office of Planning and Research. He has authored two dozen publications and commentaries regarding government fiscal issues in California. Fred holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from San Jose State University.

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