Social Innovation Speaker Series: Brandon Nicholson

Brandon Nicholson joined the Social Innovation Speaker Series on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021.

Brandon is the founding Executive Director of The Hidden Genius Project. Brandon has dedicated his life to promoting equity in the public realm, particularly in the education space.  In his previous stint as a senior evaluator and consultant, Brandon conducted research, evaluation, and consulted on a range of projects related to intersections of education policy and workforce and economic development.  It was there that he began to recognize the potential for technology to bolster the domestic and global economy as underrepresented populations gain more equitable access to growth sectors.  Brandon has conducted substantial research in the areas of education and youth development, with a particular focus on issues of equity and access in K-12 education for underserved populations.  He has considerable experience investigating linkages among race, class, and youth development.

Discussion Topic:

As ensuing generations become increasingly comfortable and well versed in envisioning a life comprising multiple career pathways (including multiple starts and stops), over time our institutions and practices will need to catch up with this reality. Our world is evolving into one shaped by shorter-term successes, some educational “failures,” and compilation of more numerous skills and experiences over the entire trajectory of our lives. We know that thirty years of service and a gold watch is barely visible in the rearview mirror, and our budding workforces will need to get even more adept at navigating this reality. In this conversation, Brandon discussed the steps we might take along young people’s learning and growth continuum to create more meaningful and holistic life experiences.


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