Social Innovation Speaker Series: Dr. Christopher Fox

Dr. Christopher Fox joined the Social Innovation speaker series on November 18th to share his research on social impact bonds. Chris is a Distinguished Fellow at the Price Center for Social Innovation. His home institution is Manchester Metropolitan University, where he is Director of the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit. Chris is an expert on evaluating public policies, public service innovation, and social investment, particularly Social Impact Bonds. His research cuts across a number of sectors but he has particular expertise in criminal justice. Chris has been collaborating with the Price Center for several years, including on a book on Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds: Outcome-based payment systems in the UK and US that was published by Policy Press/University of Chicago Press in 2018. Chris is currently collaborating with Dr. Gary Painter on several articles exploring different aspects of Social Impact Bonds and impact investing.

Discussion topic:

A new generation of Pay for Success and Social Impact Bonds is emerging that offer new possibilities for creating public services that embody collaborative design, flexible delivery and co-production with people who use services. Services delivered in this way have great potential to accelerate social innovation, drive system change and create more personalised services. Professor Chris Fox will discuss findings from recent research undertaken in the UK.

For more on this topic, read the recent series of briefings on the future of Social Impact Bonds, published by the Price Center and PERU.

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