Despite decades of traditional policy approaches to closing the achievement gap, disparities in educational attainment still exist by race and socioeconomic economic circumstances. The Price Center conducts research to develop, scale, and diffuse new models and processes to improve educational attainment across all grade levels, including postsecondary education.

This report details the findings of an evaluation of Emergency Aid (EA) programs at the University of Southern California and within the Los Angeles Community College District, which were designed to help students overcome short-term emergencies and ultimately improve longer-term student success.

The term opportunity youth refers to individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 who are neither employed nor enrolled in school. Opportunity youth are disproportionately youth of color, live in low-income neighborhoods and face important barriers to job access such as disconnections and labor market discrimination.

The proposed framework could provide guidance for policymakers considering new efforts at improving schools through the production and dissemination of educational data.

This article estimates the impact of School in the Park, a museum-based educational program for low-income students in the museums of San Diego’s Balboa Park.

The Top Los Angeles County Public Schools for Underserved Students report highlights schools closing the achievement gap for low-income African American and Latino students.


Toward a Framework for Public Accountability in Education Reform

SAGE Publications

Year: 2020

Public accountability through information disclosure is a pillar of modern education reform efforts. Despite the ubiquity of this approach, we argue that public accountability in education is under-theorized and often predictably unlikely to achieve its intended policy goals. Drawing on … Continue reading

The Formalized Processes Districts Use to Evaluate Mathematics Textbooks

Journal of Curriculum Studies

Year: 2020

Textbooks are a widely used educational intervention that can affect student achievement, and the marginal cost of choosing a more effective textbook is typically small. However, we know little about how textbooks get from the publisher to the classroom. The … Continue reading

Curriculum Reform in the Common Core Era: Evaluating Elementary Math Textbooks Across Six U.S. States

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Year: 2020

Can a school or district improve student achievement simply by switching to a higher quality textbook or curriculum? We conducted the first multi-textbook, multi-state effort to estimate textbook efficacy following widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and … Continue reading

Museums as Classrooms: The Academic and Behavioral Impacts of “School in the Park”

American Educational Research Association

Year: 2020

Access to community cultural institutions such as museums, zoos, and theaters has the potential to improve students’ educational experiences. This article estimates the impact of School in the Park, a museum-based educational program for low-income students that takes place within … Continue reading

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