Despite decades of traditional policy approaches to closing the achievement gap, disparities in educational attainment still exist by race and socioeconomic economic circumstances. The Price Center conducts research to develop, scale, and diffuse new models and processes to improve educational attainment across all grade levels, including postsecondary education.

The proposed framework could provide guidance for policymakers considering new efforts at improving schools through the production and dissemination of educational data.

This article estimates the impact of School in the Park, a museum-based educational program for low-income students in the museums of San Diego’s Balboa Park.

The Top Los Angeles County Public Schools for Underserved Students report highlights schools closing the achievement gap for low-income African American and Latino students.


Evaluating Teachers in the Big Easy: How Organizational Context Shapes Policy Responses in New Orleans

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Year: 2017

Although multiple-measure teacher evaluation systems have gained popularity in the United States, few studies have examined their implementation or how they are shaped by organizational context. New Orleans provides a strategic case to examine the enactment of a state teacher … Continue reading

Building Organizations to Change Communities: Educational Entrepreneurs in Poor Urban Areas

In K. Golden-Biddle and J. Dutton (eds.), Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations.

Year: 2012

This chapter focuses on charter schools in poor urban areas. Charter schools are an organizational form that emerged in the early 1990s as one potential solution to failing public schools. Rather than address the performance of charter schools relative to … Continue reading

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