Evaluation Frameworks

Strong models exist to evaluate innovation in both the public and private sectors. Currently, there are no analogous models to evaluate social innovations that account for risk and allow for successes and failures to be evaluated in trusted frameworks. The Price Center develops and disseminates research to advance new models of evaluating social innovations across a variety of organizational structures.

The methodological challenges of measuring student outcomes in higher education

Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

Year: 2017

The main objective of this study is to empirically test a number of theory-based models (i.e., fixed effects [FE], random effects [RE], and aggregated residuals [AR]) to measure the generic knowledge as well as the degree attainment rates and early … Continue reading

Credit for Low-Income Students and Access to Higher Education in Colombia: A Regression Discontinuity Approach

Work Development

Year: 2016

This study evaluates the impact of a national-level subsidized loan program, ACCES (Access with Quality to Higher Education), on a number of higher education outcomes (i.e., increase in enrollment rates, decrease in dropout rates, and increase in academic performance) of … Continue reading

Do Tax Incentives Affect Charitable Contributions? Evidence from Public Charities’ Reported Revenues

Journal of Public Economics

Year: 2016

This paper estimates the effect of the charitable contribution tax deduction on charities’ donation revenue from charities’ tax filings. A one percent increase in the tax cost of giving causes charitable receipts to fall by about four percent, an effect … Continue reading

Stepping Up: An empirical analysis of the use of social innovation in response to an economic recession

Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy & Society

Year: 2015

Categorising organisations as either for-profit or nonprofit is a false dichotomy as existing for-profit firms are becoming more socially conscience while nonprofits are adopting profit-making activities to ensure their viability. This paper conceptualises the array of social practices as a … Continue reading

Evaluating the Academic and Behavioral Impact of School in the Park

Year: 2014

This brief summarizes estimates of the impact of School in the Park, a museum-based educational program for low-income students that takes place within the cultural institutions and museums of San Diego’s Balboa Park. The study evaluates the impact of participation … Continue reading

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