Despite a number of traditional policy and legislative attempts to reduce inequality in the United States, far too many individuals are adversely affected by racial inequality, segregation, economic and wealth inequality, gender disparities, and other systemic barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. The Price Center conducts a wide range of research to address inequality across multiple spaces and policy areas in the United States and abroad.

Renewed activism on immigration issues has produced measures that offer emergency economic relief and access to health care for immigrants left out of federal programs.

Dr. Christine Beckman, Associate Director and Price Family Chair of Social Innovation co-authored a new book that chronicles working parents’ efforts to be Ideal Workers.

Associate Director Dr. Ann Owens reexamines income segregation from 1990 to 2010 and found that income segregation increased only among families with children.


Inequality in Children’s Contexts: Income Segregation of Households with and without Children

American Sociological Review

Year: 2016

Past research shows that income segregation between neighborhoods increased over the past several decades. In this article, I reexamine income segregation from 1990 to 2010 in the 100 largest metropolitan areas, and I find that income segregation increased only among … Continue reading

Do Farmers’ Markets Increase the Availability of Healthy Foods in Underserved Communities? Assessing the nutritional environment at 19 markets in Los Angeles

Journal of American Planning Association

Year: 2016

Farmers’ markets provide one option for remedying the startling decline in fresh vegetable and fruit consumption in the United States, particularly in low-income, non-White neighborhoods where opportunities to access these components of a healthy diet are often limited. We lack … Continue reading

A Step Toward a Healthier South Los Angeles: Improving Student Food Options through Healthy Street Vendor Legalization


Year: 2016

Obesity, especially among children and adolescents, is a critical issue that marginalized urban communities nationwide confront. This article reports on the results of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) conducted regarding the reconsideration of a ban on sidewalk food vending in … Continue reading

Mexican American Mobility: An Exploration of Wealth Accumulation Trajectories

Social Forces

Year: 2015

Mexican Americans are a large group whose mobility patterns can provide important insight into immigrant assimilation processes. It is well known that Mexicans have not attained economic parity with whites, but considerable debate exists about the degree to which Mexican … Continue reading

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