Building Community Connections through Community Gardens in City Heights

Professor Juliet Musso, Principal Investigator (with Professor Shui Yan Tang, Co-Investigator and Professor Diane E. Yoder, Investigator)

This project proposes to assess how to support and foster community gardens in City Heights. Framed as an action-oriented research to engage Masters students, the project will be supervised by three faculty members—Principal Investigator Juliet Musso, Co-Principal Investigator Shui Yan Tang, and Adjunct Assistant Professor Diane Yoder. It will also engage 8-to-10 MPA students through their participation in the Master of Public Administration capstone course, “Professional Practice of Public Administration.” The student teams and investigators will consider best practices in community gardens within City Heights and surrounding communities, as well as national exemplars of programs that support community gardening. There will be particular attention to learning from the approaches taken by the New Roots Community Farm program operated in City Heights by the International Rescue Committee, and Seattle’s P-Patch program. The teams will combine a community needs assessment utilizing GIS with interview and documentary data from the identified exemplar organizations and programs. The deliverables will be two professional-quality student reports on how to foster community gardening as well as a white paper delivered at the annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration.