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The USC Price Center for Social Innovation brings an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to social innovation research. Through relevant, rigorous research, Price Center faculty explore a variety of topics that seek to inform and advance new models of equity and opportunity for low-income children and families.

Measuring Segregation With The Normalized Exposure Index

Year: 2022

There are two broad approaches to measuring segregation: measures of exposure and measures of evenness. Exposure indices measure the school composition that the average student of a given racial group is “exposed” to — e.g., a White-Hispanic exposure value of … Continue reading

Trends In Racial/Ethnic And Economic School Segregation, 1991-2020

Year: 2022

Seventy years after legal decisions like Mendez v. Westminster and Brown v. Board of Education outlawed separate school systems on the basis of race, school segregation in the U.S. persists, with pernicious consequences for educational equity. Racial/ethnic and economic school … Continue reading

The Segregation Index

Year: 2022

Neighborhood and school segregation remain key barriers to social mobility and equal opportunity. To tackle these long-standing inequalities, we must have a clear understanding of patterns and trends in racial/ethnic and socioeconomic segregation. The Segregation Index will be a comprehensive … Continue reading

Are Social Impact Bonds an Innovation in Finance or Do They Help Finance Social Innovation?

Journal of Social Policy

Year: 2022

Outcomes Based Commissioning (OBC) – for example, Pay for Success (in the US) or Payment by Results (in the UK) – has been suggested as a way to provide ‘more’ social services for ‘less’ public resources. Such commissioning is often … Continue reading

Survey Brief: The Impacts of COVID-19 On Employer Support Services

Year: 2022

The current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted housing vulnerability and its interdependence with employment. To understand this issue, the USC Price Center for Social Innovation and LeadersUp partnered to examine how employers adjusted their practices during the COVID-19 pandemic through a … Continue reading

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