About HPRI


Established with a leadership gift from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and support from the Home For Good Funders Collaborative, the Homelessness Policy Research Institute (HPRI) is a county-wide effort that includes over 30 scholars and policymakers coming together to convene and collaborate on research to end homelessness in Los Angeles County.


HPRI focuses on three primary activities:

  • Foster collaboration and coordination among researchers focused on homelessness in the Los Angeles region.
  • Share current and upcoming research with policymakers and community partners to inform on-the-ground work.
  • Conduct rapid-response policy research to inform policy and program design.
  • Assist in developing and coordinating requests for proposals for homelessness research relevant to Los Angeles


Our Values

  • HPRI is dedicated to collaborative research that has a positive impact on homelessness in Los Angeles.
  • Communication among homelessness researchers is transparent and proactive.
    Research is relevant, dynamic, actionable, and can be applied in different policy contexts.
  • Research is scientifically rigorous research and uses tools that fit rapid cycle learning.
  • Partnerships consist of mutual trust, coordination, and collaboration, not competition.
  • We are dedicated to maximizing potential for innovation and work that extends beyond the incremental stages of support.


Our Goals

  • Create a research agenda that both includes relevant research questions and that is also responsive to research needs of policymakers.
  • Inform policymakers on critical issues within homelessness policies and programs, and help craft feasible timelines given the current data and policy landscape.
  • Use research to help inform public and private funding allocations (including Measure H and HHH) and to advise on course corrections for current projects.
  • Develop an open and transparent RFP process for funding homelessness research that local funders can rely on.
  • Create a new vehicle for funding homelessness research.
  • Conduct, translate, and disseminate actionable research that is relevant to different policy contexts and that inform the general public.


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