HPRI Activities

Part of the Homelessness Policy Research Institute’s (HPRI) mission is to help facilitate high quality, rigorous, and timely research to support a range of stakeholders working to end homelessness in Los Angeles County. To this end, HPRI offers a range of no-cost services to assist public, private, and philanthropic partners.

RFP Services Offered

HPRI offers a range of no-cost services to assist public, private, and philanthropic partners in developing, issuing, and reviewing requests for research proposals (RFP).

Available RFP services include:

  • Introductory Consultation – HPRI is available for limited consultations for community partners seeking to identify the type of research needed to best inform their work to end homelessness. These consultations are designed for stakeholders who have designated research funds available but are unsure of the best research approach.
  • Framing Research Questions – The incorrect wording of a solicitation can unintentionally limit the potential of the work and/or unknowingly exclude important but related questions. HPRI offers our community partners assistance formulating precise research questions to best serve the community’s goal to end homelessness.
  • Reviewing RFP Applications – The process of reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating RFPs is an important and time-consuming task. HPRI subject matter experts are available to review and score proposals. HPRI will collaborate with funders to frame and weight the scoring criteria.
  • Administer the Full RFP Process – HPRI is also available to lead the entire RFP process, in collaboration with the funder. This includes developing research questions, drafting the RFP, circulating the RFP, reviewing letters of intent (LOI), reviewing full proposals, managing communication with applicants, scoring proposals, notifying participants, and tracking progress by grantees. HPRI anticipates that scientific research produced through the full RFP process will be published once complete.

Rapid-Response Policy Research

HPRI conducts a wide range of rapid-response policy research, including: literature reviews, data analysis requests, policy briefs, and other research products to inform timely policy decisions.

Recent rapid-response projects include:

  • A literature review on strategies to reduce visible homelessness in Los Angeles County, as well as an estimated of the number of people that would need to be sheltered or housed to reduce visible homelessness by 30% by the 2021 Homeless Count.
  • A literature review on predictive and protective factors of homelessness.
  • A policy brief on aging in place with permanent supportive housing.
  • A memo on high-impact, cost effective homelessness interventions and interventions that can be targeted to specific populations.

For questions about the Homelessness Policy Research Institute services, please contact Gary Painter, Director of HPRI, at  gpainter@usc.edu

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