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Big Moves for Housing and Economic Security

Year: 2022

The Big Moves are designed to increase housing and economic security for people with extremely low incomes in the Bay Area. They were developed with an eye to what is needed to meaningfully address homelessness and poverty, what opportunities are … Continue reading

Urban American Indians and Alaska Natives Experiencing Homelessness in California: Strategies for Addressing Housing Insecurities and Substance Use Disorder

California Department of Health Care Services

Year: 2022

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) funded the USC Keck School of Medicine, a Tribal Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Project partner, to lead a unique opportunity to conduct a statewide needs assessment among urban and rural American Indian and … Continue reading

Policing Doesn’t End Homelessness. Supportive Housing Does.

Urban Institute

Year: 2022

Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise amid a systemic and widespread lack of affordable housing, supportive services, and livable wages. As the housing crisis worsens, homelessness has become increasingly visible and, as a result, increasingly dominant as a public concern. … Continue reading

Acceptability of a mobile sensing application to characterize community integration among homeless-experienced veterans

Journal of Community Psychology

Year: 2022

Mobile sensing applications that collect active, Ecological Momentary Assessment data, and passive, Global Positioning System data provide reliable, longitudinal assessments of community integration. Ensuring their acceptability by vulnerable populations is warranted. Acceptability-related perceptions of a mobile sensing application were gathered via … Continue reading

A Patient-Centered Complex Care Research Agenda

Center for Health Care Strategies

Year: 2022

While complex care is now a widely used approach to support individuals with complex health and social needs, more research is needed to build the evidence base and help the field understand which services work best for which groups of … Continue reading

Combatting Homelessness Among Older Adults in Los Angeles County

Student Project

Year: 2022

This literature review report supplements the accompanying data report, focusing on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and lessons learned from programs supporting unhoused older adults. The pandemic created a unique opportunity for local governments to deploy new remedies to … Continue reading

Examining racial differences in community integration between black and white homeless veterans

Psychiatry Research

Year: 2022

Black Americans are overrepresented in Veteran and non-Veteran homeless populations. Community integration remains a problem for many Veterans after they obtain housing, and Black Veterans may encounter additional difficulties due to systemic racism. However, no prior study has specifically examined … Continue reading

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