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Development of a Homelessness Risk Screening Tool for Emergency Department Patients

Health Services Research

Year: 2021

Objective: To develop a screening tool to identify emergency department (ED) patients at risk of entering a homeless shelter, which could inform targeting of interventions to prevent future homelessness episodes. Data sources: Linked data from (1) ED patient baseline questionnaires … Continue reading

Inequity in the Permanent Supportive Housing System in Los Angeles: Scale, Scope and Reasons for Black Residents’ Returns to Homelessness

California Policy Lab

Year: 2021

In Los Angeles County, Black people represent 9% of the general population yet comprise 40% of the homeless population. In its 2018 groundbreaking report, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Ad Hoc Committee on Black People with Lived Experience of Homelessness … Continue reading

Locked Out Unemployment and Homelessness in the COVID Economy

Economic Roundtable

Year: 2021

COVID-driven loss of jobs and employment income will cause the number of homeless workers to increase each year through 2023. Without large-scale, government employment programs the Pandemic Recession is projected to cause twice as much homelessness as the 2008 Great … Continue reading

Social Investment in Ending Homelessness

European Journal of Homelessness

Year: 2021

Throughout the world, homelessness is recognised as a grand challenge. As such, innovations in policy and practice are required to address that challenge. To that end, social investment from both the public and philanthropic sectors have been activated to test … Continue reading

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