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Locked Out Unemployment and Homelessness in the COVID Economy

Economic Roundtable

Year: 2021

COVID-driven loss of jobs and employment income will cause the number of homeless workers to increase each year through 2023. Without large-scale, government employment programs the Pandemic Recession is projected to cause twice as much homelessness as the 2008 Great … Continue reading

Social Investment in Ending Homelessness

European Journal of Homelessness

Year: 2021

Throughout the world, homelessness is recognised as a grand challenge. As such, innovations in policy and practice are required to address that challenge. To that end, social investment from both the public and philanthropic sectors have been activated to test … Continue reading

An examination of housing interventions among youth experiencing homelessness: an investigation into racial/ethnic and sexual minority status

Journal of Public Health

Year: 2021

The purpose of this study is to explore main and interaction effects of minority and multiple minority statuses on exits from homelessness and the stability of homelessness exits over time. With respect to housing exits and exit stability, Black and … Continue reading

Mobilizing a Community-Academic Partnership to Provide DIY Handwashing Stations to Skid Row Residents During COVID-19

Homelessness Policy Research Institute

Year: 2021

People experiencing homelessness are disproportionately more likely to have pre-existing health conditions and lack access to sanitary practices, such as handwashing, than housed people. These disparities make people experiencing homelessness more vulnerable to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Los Angeles’s Skid Row … Continue reading

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