Grace Persico

Research Assistant

Grace Persico is a Master of Public Policy student interested in education policy, social justice, and community development. She studied international relations and anthropology at UC Davis, graduating with a dual degree in 2013. Prior to beginning her master’s program, Grace worked at Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) organizing summer and after school programs for 4 years and spent some time abroad teaching in Colombia. While at OUSD she came to understand how important data is when making decisions in the public education sphere, and the necessity of being able to use it. That realization drew her to pursue a degree with a strong quantitative framework. She plans to take the analytical skills she gains at Price back to the education space or into local government to fight for educational and economic equality. Currently, she also interns at the City of Pasadena. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, and re-watching every episode of Parks and Rec.