Jamie Liao

Research Assistant

Jamie Liao is a sophomore majoring in Media Arts and Practice in the School of Cinematic Arts. She is interested in how the intersection between technology and design can be leveraged for social change. In the future, Jamie hopes to use AR and VR in a diplomatic or journalistic settings by creating immersive experiences that encourage empathy through multi-media narratives and informative storytelling. Specifically, she is interested in inequities in education, the Asian American identity, homelessness, and sustainability within the fashion industry. On campus, she is involved in Code the Change as a designer for Medmind and also works for the nonprofit Elixir Labs on a group microlending system for women in Kenya to develop the skills for starting a business and building financial independence. In her free time, she enjoys working with any form of visual media from darkroom photography to wheel throwing, running, and exploring the city.