Jung Hyun Choi 

Postdoctoral Scholar

Jung Hyun Choi is a postdoctoral researcher at the Price Center for Social Innovation (CSI), USC Price School of Public Policy. She graduated in the summer of 2015. Before coming to the U.S., Jung worked as a research associate at the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI). At KEDI, Jung participated in government projects that aimed to share Korea’s experience of rapid economic growth with countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, where many people are still deprived of basic needs. Over the past five years at USC, Jung explored various research topics in housing, urban economics and real estate finance, with a special focus on how the recent housing crisis affected the mobility, unemployment, and inequality of U.S. households. Her dissertation, “Housing Market Crisis and Underwater Homeowners,” investigates how and why the mobility patterns of homeowners, whose mortgage debt exceeds their house value, changed following the crisis. At Price CSI, Jung will continue her research to enhance the quality of life for low-income households through innovative policies.