Peter J. Griffin

Research Assistant

Peter J. Griffin, born in MA, lived most of his life in Northern Virginia near D.C. A graduate of UCLA, he studied political science and geographic information systems (GIS). He is passionate about studying the interconnections among policy, geo-location and socioeconomic demographics. While working in the San Fernando valley for State Senator Bob Hertzberg, Peter learned the importance of connecting policy and governance in communities that struggle to accept government support.

In fall 2018, Peter transitioned across town to pursue a Master of Public Administration at USC as a County City Management fellow. He is currently working at the Safe Communities Institute, directed by Dr. Southers, examining school safety issues and the links between ISIS recruitment and gang violence in Minneapolis. Through his graduate school studies Peter hopes to connect community safety, local governments, and management skills in a technology-centric organization to improve health and well-being of citizens. Peter remains a massive fan of these brutal Southern California winters, a lifelong Patriots fan, and enjoys reading fiction in his spare time.