Social Innovation Coursework

The Price Center supports a wide range of social innovation coursework offered by the Price School of Public Policy across a variety of academic programs, including both undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

Graduate Course on Social Innovation

The Price School’s graduate-level course in social innovation provides students with an overview of social innovation processes that can help to spur more equitable and inclusive solutions to complex social problems. Read about the spring 2019 course in social innovation. 

Sample Project:

As part of the spring 2019 graduate-level course on social innovation, student teams were tasked with examining a social innovation process that has been used to address a complex social problem.

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Undergraduate Course on Social Innovation

In this course, undergraduates across the university gain an introduction to the field of social innovation, including the models and processes used to advance more equitable and inclusive solutions to complex social issues. Explore past undergraduate student coursework below.

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