Housing Instability

Housing stability is one of the most critical policy issues of our time, and traditional policy levers have failed to catalyze the change needed to provide safe, affordable housing for all populations. The Price Center conducts a wide range of research to improve housing stability through a community-driven process of piloting and testing new practices, bringing them to scale, and ultimately diffusing those practices into systems change.

Why Affordability Matters

Regional Science and Urban Economics

Year: 2020

UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate Director and UCLA Anderson School of Management Professor Stuart A. Gabriel and USC Price Center for Social Innovation Director Gary Painter examine the widening social, economic and individual impacts of the housing affordability crisis.

Brief: The Pervasive Impacts of Rent Burden in City Heights

USC Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2019

Increasing rent prices have left many families struggling to make ends meet, fearing homelessness or displacement. City Heights, like many other neighborhoods in Southern California, faces a critical moment to address this important issue. To understand how residents are coping … Continue reading

Inequality in Children’s Contexts: Income Segregation of Households with and without Children

American Sociological Review

Year: 2016

Past research shows that income segregation between neighborhoods increased over the past several decades. In this article, I reexamine income segregation from 1990 to 2010 in the 100 largest metropolitan areas, and I find that income segregation increased only among … Continue reading

Place Based Initiatives in the Context of Public Policy and the Market: Moving to Higher Ground

The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy, Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2015

This monograph represents the culmination of a year long inquiry into the state of place-based initiatives. It draws upon the contributions of a cross-section of the foremost thought leaders in this field, many of whom have spent their entire careers … Continue reading

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