“Social Innovation is a novel process or product that intends to generate more effective and just solutions to address complex social problems, for collective gain.” (Beckman, Rosen, Estrada-Miller, and Painter, 2023)

The USC Price Center for Social Innovation brings an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to social innovation research. Through relevant, rigorous research, Price Center faculty explore a variety of topics that seek to inform and advance new models of equity and opportunity for low-income children and families.

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Social innovation uses a flexible, responsive approach built upon an iterative process of concurrent problem identification, design, implementation, and evaluation of pilot programs and other test strategies, with the ultimate goal of diffusing new practices into systems change.

Social innovation includes a wide range of new organizational structures, financial tools, and partnership models that are more effective, equitable, and sustainable than existing problem solving approaches.

Research Topics

The Price Center conducts substantive social innovation research on a variety of complex, persistence social problems. Explore our work below, which includes projects representing the full social innovation ecosystem, from problem identification to piloting, scaling, and diffusing new models and processes to create social change in the following areas.