The USC Price Center for Social Innovation brings an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to social innovation research. Through relevant, rigorous research, Price Center faculty explore a variety of topics that seek to inform and advance new models of equity and opportunity for low-income children and families.


2020 Top Los Angeles County Public Schools

Innovate Public Schools, USC Price Center for Social Innovation, USC Rossier School of Education

The Difference Between Citizen Control and Co-Production

How can co-production models can offer new ways for planning practitioners to advance more inclusive community participation, with greater resident power sharing?

Tatiana Melguizo

Research Areas

Pathways to Opportunity

The zip code in which one grows up is a primary determinant of life outcomes. Developing successful cradle to career pathways for families and children living in low-income communities is a critical component of the Price Center’s mission. The Price Center develops and disseminates research that explores new approaches to increasing opportunity for low-income residents through education, jobs, housing, and transportation.

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New Models to Deliver Social Impact

New models to advance social impact include new organizational forms, financing models, public-private collaborations, and technologies. The Price Center seeks to advance the understanding and application of these models, including how technological innovation can be used to improve social outcomes.

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Evaluation Frameworks

Strong models exist to evaluate innovation in both the public and private sectors. Currently, there are no analogous models to evaluate social innovations that account for risk and allow for successes and failures to be evaluated in trusted frameworks. The Price Center develops and disseminates research to advance new models of evaluating social innovations across a variety of organizational structures.

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