Housing Instability

Housing stability is one of the most critical policy issues of our time, and traditional policy levers have failed to catalyze the change needed to provide safe, affordable housing for all populations. The Price Center conducts a wide range of research to improve housing stability through a community-driven process of piloting and testing new practices, bringing them to scale, and ultimately diffusing those practices into systems change.

Accelerating Employment Retention Strategies for the Precariously Housed

Year: 2022

The USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation partnered with LeadersUp, a national nonprofit organization committed to bridging the divide to create an inclusive, antiracist economy, to launch the Accelerating Employment Strategies for the Precariously Housed project. This project aimed to address … Continue reading

Survey Brief: How Employers Support Precariously Housed Workers

Year: 2022

The current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted housing vulnerability and its interdependence with employment. Existing research has found that lack of affordable housing, basic amenities, and transportation impede workers from maintaining steady jobs. To address this issue, the USC Price Center … Continue reading

Predatory Inclusion in the Market for Rental Housing: A Multicity Empirical Test

Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

Year: 2022

Using a unique data set of millions of advertisements for rental housing and data on the geographic distribution of housing voucher holders, we examine the limits of housing market policies that rely on private-market landlords to meet public needs. We … Continue reading

Incentivizing Affordable Housing in High Opportunity Areas

USC Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2021

Affordable housing is a critical component of providing low-income children with pathways to opportunity. The federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (LIHTC) helps fund the development of affordable housing by providing private developers with tax credits in exchange for … Continue reading

Housing Affordability in the Wake of COVID-19: Regional Solutions for California

Othering & Belonging Institute

Year: 2021

This paper begins by describing current housing affordability dynamics across Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. Although rent burden metrics help identify households vulnerable to instability, it is the underlying housing and work conditions that shape residents’ lives and produce … Continue reading

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