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The USC Price Center for Social Innovation brings an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to social innovation research. Through relevant, rigorous research, Price Center faculty explore a variety of topics that seek to inform and advance new models of equity and opportunity for low-income children and families.

Tax Equality for Immigrants: The Indispensable Ingredient for Remedying Child Poverty in the United States

Journal on Migration and Human Security

Year: 2021

This report examines the unequal treatment of citizens and non-citizens in the US tax system and how it impacts the lives of immigrant families and plans to combat child poverty which are now under debate in Congress. Immigrants, chiefly the … Continue reading

The Latino/a Scoreboard: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles

Year: 2021

The Latino/a Scorecard Report answers a series of critical questions about the opportunities and challenges facing Latino/as in Los Angeles County and establishes a grade/score in different focus areas. The Scorecard uplifts the assets that Latino/as bring to the county … Continue reading

Report: Decisions of firm risk and the role of organizational identity

USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2021

The risk-averse nature of nonprofit organizations has led many to believe that these firms are slower to innovate than their for-profit counterparts. As a result, hybrid firms have arisen as a new type of organization that combine a for-profit structure—often … Continue reading

Project Findings Report: Accelerating Fair Chance Hiring Among Los Angeles Employers

USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2021

With support from the State of California Workforce Accelerator program, the USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation partnered with LeadersUp, a national nonprofit focused on ending the youth unemployment crisis, to launch the Accelerating Fair Chance Project during the … Continue reading

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