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The USC Price Center for Social Innovation brings an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to social innovation research. Through relevant, rigorous research, Price Center faculty explore a variety of topics that seek to inform and advance new models of equity and opportunity for low-income children and families.

The Social Innovation Trap: Critical Insights into an Emerging Field

Academy of Management Annals

Year: 2023

We present an integrative approach to social innovation research to build a unified understanding of this emerging field. Based on a systematic literature review of articles about social innovation published in top-tier journals from2003 to 2021, we argue that a … Continue reading

Building Safety In Los Angeles: A Policy Agenda For Local Health and Safer Communities

USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2022

Three policy areas — Alternatives to Incarceration, Youth Justice Reimagined, and Violence Intervention — offer a new path forward for jurisdictions across the country aiming to “reimagine” public safety. These policies increase access to services, prevent unnecessary contact with law … Continue reading

Toxic Neighborhoods: The Effects of Concentrated Poverty and Environmental Lead Contamination on Early Childhood Development

Demography, Duke University Press

Year: 2022

Although socioeconomic disparities in cognitive ability emerge early in the life course, most research on the consequences of living in a disadvantaged neighborhood has focused on school-age children or adolescents. In this study, we outline and test a theoretical model … Continue reading

Accelerating Employment Retention Strategies for the Precariously Housed

Year: 2022

The USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation partnered with LeadersUp, a national nonprofit organization committed to bridging the divide to create an inclusive, antiracist economy, to launch the Accelerating Employment Strategies for the Precariously Housed project. This project aimed to address … Continue reading

Can a focus on co-created, strengths-based services facilitate early-stage innovation within social impact bonds?

International Public Management Journal

Year: 2022

While many commentators recognize the potential for Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) to encourage innovation, empirical evidence is less clear cut. We argue that for SIBs to realize their full potential as incubators of innovation they needed to incorporate a stronger … Continue reading

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