Despite a number of traditional policy and legislative attempts to reduce inequality in the United States, far too many individuals are adversely affected by racial inequality, segregation, economic and wealth inequality, gender disparities, and other systemic barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential. The Price Center conducts a wide range of research to address inequality across multiple spaces and policy areas in the United States and abroad.

Designing Data Platforms for Action & Influence: Lessons Learned From a Case Study of Five Data Platforms

USC Price Center for Social Innovation & USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Year: 2021

Local data provides policymakers, community organizers, and scholars with the tools needed to identify inequities and target resources for action. Disaggregated data allows these stakeholders to make decisions at a highly targeted level, with the ability to create precise solutions … Continue reading

Examining the Complex Social Safety Net For Low-Income Working Families: How Benefits and Resources Respond to Increases in Wages

USC Sol Price Center for Social Innovation

Year: 2021

The United States social safety net aims to improve the lives of the lowest-income families and individuals. As the term “social safety net” implies, the goal is to provide a support system that “catches” families as they fall into poverty … Continue reading

Tax Equality for Immigrants: The Indispensable Ingredient for Remedying Child Poverty in the United States

Journal on Migration and Human Security

Year: 2021

This report examines the unequal treatment of citizens and non-citizens in the US tax system and how it impacts the lives of immigrant families and plans to combat child poverty which are now under debate in Congress. Immigrants, chiefly the … Continue reading

The Latino/a Scorecard: A Policy Roadmap for Transforming Los Angeles

ABC Alliance for a Better Community

Year: 2021

The Latino/a Scorecard Report answers a series of critical questions about the opportunities and challenges facing Latino/as in Los Angeles County and establishes a grade/score in different focus areas. The Scorecard uplifts the assets that Latino/as bring to the county … Continue reading

Toward a Framework for Public Accountability in Education Reform

SAGE Publications

Year: 2020

Public accountability through information disclosure is a pillar of modern education reform efforts. Despite the ubiquity of this approach, we argue that public accountability in education is under-theorized and often predictably unlikely to achieve its intended policy goals. Drawing on … Continue reading

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